You don’t have to be knowledgeable in a subject to lead or co-ordinate a group, only to have an interest in it.  A Group Leader/Co-ordinator directs the group of people meeting together to share their interest in a subject. Social and administrative tasks areshared out amongst the group - greeting new members to a group, keeping a register of those who attend, maybe focusing the group's attention towards a specific section of a subject decided by the group. If meetings are to be held in venues other than members’ homes, the only other task is booking of the venue and collecting payments for the venue from those attending the group. The sharing out of tasks can be done within the group when it first meets.
If you have an interest you would like to share, please contact one of the Interest Group Liaison team. You would not be left to start things on your own. The Group Liaison team would support canvassing of Heswall members to find others who share that interest, and other Interest Group leaders/co-ordinators would be there to assist you in setting things up, choosing a venue, contacting members interested in coming to the group and also coming to guide you for at least the first meeting of the group. You may have discovered that some Interest Groups are full, with waiting lists – if you are interested in any of these, you could become the leader of a second group.  Group Liaison officers and Interest Group leaders/co-ordinators know how daunting a prospect this may seem, but without members coming forward to offer to co-ordinate groups, Heswall U3A will not grow and develop.
One member wondered what kind of new interest groups would be acceptable? The answer to that is anything from Astrology to Zoology! If you have an interest, then it’s certain that other members will share that interest – you just need to suggest it to the Interest Group Liaison Team, and we’ll support you from there right through the setting up process. Our membership is growing steadily each year making room for more Groups. Go on – make that first step. The Liaison Team look forward to hearing from you. This is your U3A, please help us grow
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