The University of the Third Age is a national movement for people who are not in full-time work, who wish to continue learning and sharing knowledge. U3A branches are operationally independent and run by the voluntary efforts of their members.
Heswall U3A was officially formed in September 2009. We are a sociable and enthusiastic organisation which aims to be an important part of the Heswall community.

If you are retired or semi-retired from full-time employment and looking to stretch your mind, extend your social life and have fun then Heswall U3A may be just what you are looking for. We have a vast reservoir of knowledge, skills and experience amongst our members. Our monthly meetings, interest groups and social events give members the opportunity to share educational, creative and leisure activities. We have groups ranging from antiques to wine appreciation which cater for a wide variety of interests.
We have a great many members who play a positive role in making our U3A a friendly and informative organisation. If you have any comments on our U3A we would be delighted to hear from you.

Bill Woods – Chair


The Universities of the Third Age (U3As) in the UK are autonomous, self-help organisations for people in their third age and no longer in full-time employment. Their aims are to provide educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment, run by the voluntary efforts of their members.

At Heswall U3A we embrace the aims and guiding principles upon which all U3As are based:

  • We are a self-help, self-managed lifelong learning co-operative run by our members.
  • We welcome members who wish to follow these aims and pursue learning not for qualifications, but for fun. Our interest groups and other activities provide opportunities to share interests and learning experiences with others.
  • Our success relies on all members contributing in some way to the organisation and the running of our U3A, no matter how small.

Please click on Frequently Asked Questions to view some FAQs about the U3A and Heswall U3A in particular.
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